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13 Ways to Help Your Team Stay Motivated

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The project is on the line. The deadline is looming. The details are so frustrating or the time investment seems overwhelming. When it's time to work hard to get your team back on track, what steps are you taking to make it possible to remain motivated? Keeping your team motivated is one of the hallmarks of a professional architect, engineer or project manager. If you are struggling with a current project, employ these tips to get your team ready to go.

  1. Establish Specific Goals
Every project needs very specific goals. Create tasks that outline the very specific steps towards each milestone. It's easy to stay motivated when you know where you are going.
  1. Create Daily Tasks
For many professionals, it can seem like the looming project is just too large to focus on - will you ever complete it? More specifically, you may feel as though you have "one more day" to get it done. Instead, at the start of the week or the beginning of each day create very specific tasks to accomplish. Tick them off the list as completed.
  1. Put a Carrot In Front Of Your Team
What's the best reward for completing this project quickly or by the due date? Could it be a bigger payout? Could it mean a day off for the team? Is there something else your team will value such as lunch at the new restaurant down the road?
  1. Remain a Positive Leader
If you become discouraged, so will your team. Find a way to remain positive throughout the project. If you aren't able to be positive, examine why.
  1. Be Ready To Make Changes When Necessary
Recognizing the need to switch the team up or to adjust the project goals can make a big difference in the long term. Not waiting too long to take action will help minimize team frustration.
  1. Keep Work To Work Hours
If you are always on your phone, always communicating with the client, always checking email, or always thinking about the project, you'll burn out quickly. Instead, focus on taking a break each day from work.
  1. Go for A Run And Encourage Your Team To Do So Too
It's important to clear your mind. Spending time outdoors can help especially when you feel overwhelmed or discouraged. The sunshine itself can boost your mood. Take a few minutes during lunch to go for a run or walk. Instead of meeting in a conference room, can you take a walk around the building as you discuss something with a team member?
  1. Track Productiveness
Are your team members being productive? Are you getting the most you can? Use time tracking software to see what everyone is accomplishing. Track your hours invested in every task of the project.
  1. Ask for Time When You Need It
Rushing to meet the deadline could mean disappointing the client with an inferior product. Avoid this by requesting additional time when it is necessary.
  1. Open the Lines Of Communication
Is your team lacking motivation because they don't know the vision of the client? Make sure everyone is able to communicate openly.
  1. Use Technology
Are you using the most up to date technology to manage your project? If you are not streamlining your project management to include all project aspects in one software program, you could be wasting time and become frustrated.
  1. Recognize Your Team's Achievements
When you get over a tough spot recognize your team for it. When you reach a milestone, impress the client, or otherwise accomplish a task that's significant, recognize your success and that of your team.
  1. Celebrate Your Successes
It feels good to wrap up the project. When you have the ability to get back on track, get the project wrapped up and impress the client, give yourself time to feel good about what you've accomplished. Motivated yet? Now is the time to take action to give your team the boost they need to get this project in the hands of the client.