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Architects/Engineers - minimize your non-billable time and focus on doing what you love!

I’ve been stuck running on the treadmill.

I am sure that most of you have heard about the torrential flooding in Colorado. I am lucky enough to be in an area that wasn’t hard hit. We had some roads closed due to the flooding and the kids were out of school on Friday but today my community is fairly back to normal.

All of this rain has meant keeping the exercise indoors. Working out, with it being just one week prior to my 104 mile bike ride, is a necessity. I have to keep my muscles moving and keep conditioned. So, I am running. I don’t mind running but I would rather be out on my bike. It would be more beneficial for me to be working on the plan, to keep my project on task.

You know the feeling. It’s the same feeling you get when you would rather be designing, when you would rather be finishing up those drawing, when you would like to finish a project but you have to stop what you are doing and take care of the business. Maybe you have to bug your employees to get timesheets in or you have to get invoices out the door. Maybe you are trying to see if your project is on track to meet a milestone and you have to dig through paperwork and make phone calls to find out what you need to know. You get stuck doing something that needs to be done but you would rather be doing something else. You are taking time away from billable work and taking care of the overhead.

I want to be as efficient as possible in my workouts so when I get on the treadmill I do use some inclines and I try to do intervals so that I get the most out of a limited amount of time and so that I keep my legs in good working order for the bike ride that is so quickly approaching.

I know you want to be as efficient in taking care of business as you can be so that you can get back to really what matters to you as well. It is worth the investment to have an industry specific project management system. If you can cut the time it takes to get your invoicing done, if you can put your fingertips on project reporting – such as milestones and budgets then you can get back to what you love. You can be more efficient and stay focused on the project work and the work that brings money in the door.

I have to do the treadmill and you have to take care of the business. But let’s all be as effective as we can so that our real projects are wildly successful.

Check out Praesto AE if you need a robust business/project management system that is designed with the small firm in mind.

(My thoughts go out to those more seriously affected by the Colorado floods and to those suffering from loss on the New Jersey shore once again.)