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Describe the Top Two Mistakes You See a Lot of Your Prospects Making

Some firms make the mistake of not having a good tracking system, which causes them to let revenue opportunities fall through the cracks.

We saw this firsthand at a firm we were working with. They let thousands of dollars fall through the cracks either because they're over a year old or the project was completely closed out. They keep on missing out on opportunities and let pure profit disappear down the drain.

The second mistake firms tend to make is do their project management in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is a great account package for integrating, but it's not the place to do your project management. When you set up your expense accounts and let QuickBooks define them for you, it puts all of your labor into a single expense category rather than being broken down between direct labor and indirect labor. Many architectural, engineering and design firms do this, and we can help you with your project management, so you can calculate your overhead factors properly. Just reach out to us, and we can get started!