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Giving Thanks to the Architecture/Engineering Community

When I ride my bike or I go for a long run I spend a lot of time thinking about Architects and Engineers. It’s a good time for me to think about the next blog, the next phone calls, the tradeshow coming up or the sale that I am trying to button up. There is a theme, it is all business related.

Of late, I have been thinking of all of the things I am thankful for in my life. Hearing the term “Thanksgiving” every day for a month, tends to lends itself to turning your thoughts to the subject.

In making my gratitude list, I thought of all things personal and professional and realized I am thankful for Architects and Engineers. I have a lot of professional reasons to thank Architects and Engineers, after all I’ve spent a 25 year career selling software solutions solely to this industry, so it is fair for me say that this industry is my bread and butter.

But as my feet were hitting the pavement on my run this particular day I realized I am also personally thankful for the men and women of this profession – the trail I run on, the neighborhoods I run through, the buildings I pass, the mountain roads I see in the distance…it all is possible because of a vision seen by Architects and Engineers and the teams that hire them.

The landscape of my day, and yours, wouldn’t be the same without this industry. I feel lucky to be able to provide these people and the firms they work at with project management tools to make their businesses run smoother.

On behalf of Base Builders LLC, I extend a heartfelt “Happy Thanksgiving” to our clients and to the entire Architecture and Engineering community.