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Is My Firm Too Small For BaseBuilders?

Absolutely not. We've got clients with one, two, or three employees. We also have clients that go up to 30-50 professionals - our largest client is north of 300 staffers. On average, our clients have 10-12 employees.

BaseBuilders even integrates with QuickBooks, which is the preferred accounting package of many small AE firms. 

As an architecture or engineering firm, you need a project management system that is easy to use and helps your team stay on track.

Our current systems of paper, excel spreadsheets, word documents, and email are simply not cutting it anymore. We’re all wasting too much time updating information on multiple systems that don't talk to each other. And we're frustrated by the lack of automation in these systems.

We created BaseBuilders to help out small and medium-sized companies. Small AE firms, in particular, are our niche clients. We do our best to help them out and make them more successful. 

With BaseBuilders, you won’t have to worry about spending hours setting up your new project management system. We already did all of the hard work for you! Our software comes preloaded with features like default settings – making it easy for anyone in your office to keep track of critical information without breaking a sweat.

When you are running a small or medium-sized architecture and engineering firm, it’s hard to find the time for project management. BaseBuilders is an affordable cloud-based system that allows firms of all sizes to track projects from start to finish with ease. 

Whether your team consists of one person or dozens, BaseBuilders will help you stay on top of everything without breaking the bank. See how your firm can grow just by making back-office tasks easier and more efficient. Test drive BaseBuilders today!