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What derails your projects? Architects/Engineers need to manage “flat tires”!


My cycling training plans have taken some unexpected turns during the past few rides. I’ve been derailed with a small accident, flat tires, dropped chains and even trains stopped and stuck in my planned path (twice!). These are all things that a rider can recover from but it definitely changes the plans for the day and in turn that can affect my overall training plan as I am closing in on my Centric – now just two weeks away.

What derails your plans — your projects? Is it scope creep? Is it low utilization? Is it not properly allocating resources? Is it a long invoice cycle? Maybe your budget wasn’t correct to start with and now you have unforeseen change orders. Read More.

As an Architect or Engineer you have to closely monitor many facets of a project in order to stay on track and many things can easily derail a project from coming in on budget or on time. If you have inefficient software systems it can become nearly impossible to manage all of the different parts of the project that need to come together to ensure success.

The right software will let you create your fee proposals, set budgets, manage your resources, shorten your invoice cycle and track change orders. The right tools will put information at your fingertips that can help to quickly monitor all of these areas so that when you are derailed you can react quickly and make changes to get back on track.

Being able to dust off my wounds, fix my flat or my chain or to re-route around a stuck train will keep me on my bike. I know I can’t avoid these issues entirely but I need to be able to react to the unforeseen circumstances so I can keep moving forward with the most success possible. Of course, an industry specific project/business management software system isn’t going to increase your utilization or make certain that you have the right resources available at all the right times but it will let you react so you too can keep moving forward and reach max success.