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Which Billing Formats Can Your Invoicing Handle?

If you're looking for a project management system, there's no shortage of software options out there. But the problem with most of these solutions is that they don't offer all the features and functionality your architecture or engineering firm needs to run smoothly.

BaseBuilders was designed specifically for AE firms. It has everything you need to manage projects from start to finish, including detailed time tracking, invoice creation, automated billing reminders, automatic recurring invoicing schedules, expense tracking capabilities plus much more.

BaseBuilders can do multiple types of invoices. If you break down your projects into phases, you can be billed independently on five invoicing formats. 

Fixed Fee

Also known as Stipulated Sum or Lump Sum. BaseBuilders makes it easy for you to bill a percentage of completion on your projects. 


You can easily set your billing rates based on the hours worked, and BaseBuilders give you the invoicing data you need. 

Hourly Not-To-Exceed

We don't usually recommend that you do this, but if you don't want to over-bill beyond the hourly amount, BaseBuilders can help you with that as well. 

Cost Plus

You can do your billing based on the actual pay right of the employee, including mark-ups for both overhead and profit. 

Cost Plus Not-To-Exceed

Like the Hourly Not-To-Exceed Contract, these types of invoicing don't usually work in your favor. But if you can manage to make it work, BaseBuilders can also help you handle it. 

Additional Features

BaseBuilders also enables you to bill reimbursable expenses. If you have sub-consultants and you want to pass their bills through, you can do that as well. You can also apply discounts and adjust add-ons with ease. 

We haven't found an invoicing situation that BaseBuilders can't handle. We might someday, but we're always ready to take it on when it happens.

Base Builders Project Management Software comes with an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple for everyone in your company to use - even if they have no prior experience using project management software.

BaseBuilders is the perfect project management software solution for Architecture and Engineering Firms. We offer all of the features that you need to run your business smoothly, including invoicing capabilities. And because we're designed specifically with A&E firms in mind, there's nothing that BaseBuilders can't do when it comes to billing! 

If you want a smooth operation without dealing with tedious busy work or having an outdated system holding you back, then give us a try by test driving BaseBuilders today!